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5 Foods You Should Not Eat For Six Packs


If you are planning to achieve those six pack abs, then you should be ready to change your diet and even your daily routines completely.

Six pack abs need a dedicated and determined training program with a proper nutritional plan. 

You must have heard that what all things you should eat for six pack abs but what all thing you should avoid to achieve six pack abs.

  • Sugary Foods
  • Processed Foods
  • Alcohol
  • Junk Foods
  • Salt

You may have done every core exercise, planks or crunches, but still where are those promised six pack abs. If your six pack abs are still hiding then you need to reconsider your diet plans.

It is not too late, stick to the right diet plan to speed up your way to six pack abs.  Here’s foods you should  not include in your diet for six pack abs: 


If you will cut down sugar from your diet then it won’t affect you at all because sugar do not provide any nutrition to you. Sugar is known as the empty calories which only gives calories to your body without providing any minerals and vitamins.

Sugar also causes weight gains as sugar is a strong factor that leads to fat accumulation. To achieve six pack abs sugary foods should be avoided such as candy, crackers, cookies and other sweeteners.


Processed foods don’t provide you essential nutrients . They contain artificial ingredients,  preservatives and fillers which are not good for health.

Just like sugary foods , processed foods are also empty calories that only provide you significant amount of calories which promotes fat storage and you start gaining weight. Therefore, these processed foods such as chips, canned soups and other snacks  should be avoided while getting six pack abs.


Junk foods contains high levels of sugar, salt and fat. ‘Junk Foods’ generally refers to cheap foods which contains high levels of calories, these foods are simply unhealthy and salty which leads to fat accumulation.

These foods are calorie-dense and  contains very little nutritional value. Try to avoid foods such as pizza, fries and other foods as much as you can.


Alcohol contains substantial amount of ethanol informally called alcohol. Over time drinking alcohol can take a serious toll on your health. Alcohol affects the way the brain works and interferes the brain’s communication pathway.

Drinking too much alcohol can your health and  prevent you from balanced diet and achieving your six packs. Alcohol is just a mixture of ethanol,  sugar and carbohydrates, none of these ingredients will help you in muscle gain.

  • SALT

You probably know that eating salty foods may lead to gaining weight. Sodium present in salt is the main factor which stops you from losing weight . Salt enhances the taste of your food and so may encourage overeating.

There is also a recent study which shows that salt affects the activity of fat cell by making their size larger. I will suggest you to find foods with low salt quantity, there is a lot of options and stop adding salt to your food while cooking.


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